Guacamole, Gourmet Mexican Grill, is a 100% Portuguese brand that was launched in the Portuguese market in 2011.

The concept came about from a perfect blend of ideas and principles which, allied to the scarcity of fresh Mexican food in Portugal, gave rise to Guacamole – Gourmet Mexican Grill.

Unpretentious, affordable, fresh, and authentic, Guacamole GMG is based on simple and basic principles of Mexican flavours, using the best and freshest ingredients available, received every day in our stores. We combine original, homemade and delicious recipes in a highly personalised meal – Yes, we have non-spicy options too 🙂 – along with a huge desire to serve our customers perfectly at all times.

With a strong, exuberant, and innovative image, and strongly held and well-grounded principles, we are obsessed with doing better every day and getting closer to what our customers want.

Lively, fresh, coloful and flavoursome dishes, energetic, kind and warm staff, pleasant, unique, and meticulously designed stores, where any person of any age can get a different and unique experience that they will certainly share with their whole family and all their friends.

We have over 10 years of experience, filled with challenges and hard work, and the constant need to grow and improve, without ever forgetting our principles.

Open 363 days a year, we are close to your home through our TakeAway and Delivery service and also on the UberEats, Bolt and Glovo platforms.

Also seek us out at different music festivals (and other events) where we love to take our Foodtruck and make your event experience even more delicious. Follow us on social media to keep up to date to where we re gonna be next